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Aurum Cocktail63 cal/oz
Banana Rum Frappe64 cal/oz
Blueberry Rumba39 cal/oz
Cherried Cream Rum68 cal/oz
Cherry Rum68 cal/oz
Cherry Rum Shooter66 cal/oz
Chocolate Mint Rum79 cal/oz
Chocolate Rum81 cal/oz
Drum Cocktail49 cal/oz
Faux Scrumpy25 cal/oz
Florida Rum Runner69 cal/oz
Frozen Brandy And Rum78 cal/oz
Hot Penny Rum35 cal/oz
Hot Rum Chocolate29 cal/oz
Jamaican Rum Cocktail67 cal/oz
Malibu Rum Rusher36 cal/oz
Old Fashioned Rum and Coke31 cal/oz
Pistachio Rumba64 cal/oz
Rum Alexander75 cal/oz
Rum Cooler31 cal/oz
Rum Daisy50 cal/oz
Rum Dubonnet59 cal/oz
Rum Fizz30 cal/oz
Rum Martini64 cal/oz
Rum Milk Punch39 cal/oz
Rum Punch34 cal/oz
Rum Punch (Alcoholic)43 cal/oz
Rum Ramsay67 cal/oz
Rum Runner26 cal/oz
Rum Runner #269 cal/oz
Rum Sazerac72 cal/oz
Rum Scaffa78 cal/oz
Rum Screwdriver27 cal/oz
Rum Sour50 cal/oz
Rum Stinger84 cal/oz
Rum Sunday62 cal/oz
Rumage30 cal/oz
Rumka65 cal/oz
Rummple30 cal/oz
Rumple Shock104 cal/oz
Sailor Jerry Butter Rum27 cal/oz
Scrumdriver27 cal/oz
Scrumpy Strong18 cal/oz

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