Low Calorie Cocktails

Mixed drinks with the fewest calories - numbers 5001 to 5100

5001Roger Swims a Mile84 cal/oz
5002Cloud 9984 cal/oz
5003Lumberjack84 cal/oz
5004Butter Nut Scotch84 cal/oz
5005Y2K Shot #284 cal/oz
5006American Flag Pousse Cafe84 cal/oz
5007Wild Buttery Squirrel84 cal/oz
5008Emerald Jewel Funtini84 cal/oz
5009Zool84 cal/oz
5010Alice in Wonderland84 cal/oz
5011Candy Store84 cal/oz
5012White Way Cocktail84 cal/oz
5013Cognac Mint Frappe84 cal/oz
5014Brandy Stinger84 cal/oz
5015Green Russian #284 cal/oz
5016Rum Stinger84 cal/oz
5017Smarty84 cal/oz
5018The Terminator84 cal/oz
5019Cockteaser84 cal/oz
5020Flaming Rasta84 cal/oz
5021Fruit of the Loom84 cal/oz
5022Moranguito84 cal/oz
5023Peppermint Patty84 cal/oz
5024Purple Jesus #284 cal/oz
5025Amaretto And Cream84 cal/oz
5026Comfortable Brother84 cal/oz
5027Mellow Yellow84 cal/oz
5028Goodness Gracious84 cal/oz
5029Brain Damage84 cal/oz
5030Brute84 cal/oz
5031Candida84 cal/oz
5032Friesian84 cal/oz
5033Chocolate Orange84 cal/oz
5034Wookie84 cal/oz
5035Acapulco84 cal/oz
5036The Crypt84 cal/oz
5037Chocolate Martini #285 cal/oz
5038Roadster85 cal/oz
5039Golden Cadillac #285 cal/oz
5040Christina Cocktail85 cal/oz
5041Inverted Pyramid Martini85 cal/oz
5042Bonfire85 cal/oz
5043Sex under the Boardwalk85 cal/oz
5044Will to Live85 cal/oz
5045American Leroy85 cal/oz
5046Luftwaffe85 cal/oz
5047Rensselaer Slam85 cal/oz
5048Climax85 cal/oz
5049Acid Water85 cal/oz
5050Selena Jo85 cal/oz
5051Sloeberry Cocktail85 cal/oz
5052Traffic Light85 cal/oz
5053Jimtini85 cal/oz
5054Indian Summer85 cal/oz
5055Opera House Special85 cal/oz
5056Berry Chocolate Martini85 cal/oz
5057Ruptured Duck85 cal/oz
5058Country Cream85 cal/oz
5059Forza FCK85 cal/oz
5060Peach Bunny85 cal/oz
5061Crispy Crunch85 cal/oz
5062Nutty Tini85 cal/oz
5063Absent Friend85 cal/oz
5064Evil Blue Thing85 cal/oz
5065Tuaca Lemon Drop86 cal/oz
5066Pink Forest86 cal/oz
5067Lay Down and Shut Up86 cal/oz
5068Dolores86 cal/oz
5069Bearded Clam86 cal/oz
5070Almost Heaven86 cal/oz
5071Boomerang Shot86 cal/oz
5072Burning Worm86 cal/oz
5073Sabra86 cal/oz
5074Siberian Slider86 cal/oz
5075Southern Belle86 cal/oz
5076Sparkplug86 cal/oz
5077Stoner On Acid86 cal/oz
5078Terminator86 cal/oz
5079Thunder And Lighting86 cal/oz
5080Tirade86 cal/oz
5081Devastating Body Rocker86 cal/oz
5082Double Gold86 cal/oz
5083Dumbfuck86 cal/oz
5084Fahrenheit 500086 cal/oz
5085Fireball #286 cal/oz
5086Flaming Cocaine86 cal/oz
5087Four Horsemen86 cal/oz
5088Frozen Bird86 cal/oz
5089G Bomb86 cal/oz
5090Goldfish86 cal/oz
5091Gorilla Cocktail86 cal/oz
5092Green Spider86 cal/oz
5093Banana Bliss86 cal/oz
5094Hot Jose86 cal/oz
5095Jose Flame O86 cal/oz
5096Mexican Cherry86 cal/oz
5097Mexican Mouthwash86 cal/oz
5098Mint Martini86 cal/oz
5099Photon Torpedo86 cal/oz
5100Pine Sol Shooter86 cal/oz

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