Low Calorie Cocktails

Mixed drinks with the fewest calories - numbers 4001 to 4100

4001Jack the Ripper68 cal/oz
4002Bourbon Crusta68 cal/oz
4003Whiskey Crusta68 cal/oz
4004Braindead69 cal/oz
4005Purple Lei69 cal/oz
4006Stars and Stripes69 cal/oz
4007Desperate Martini69 cal/oz
4008Hollywood Martini69 cal/oz
4009Make Believe69 cal/oz
4010Special Tequini69 cal/oz
4011Sperm69 cal/oz
4012Jogeir69 cal/oz
4013Hilty Dilty69 cal/oz
4014O Cosmopolitan69 cal/oz
4015Irish Dream69 cal/oz
4016Saucy Sue Cocktail69 cal/oz
4017Leaning Tower69 cal/oz
4018Red Gin69 cal/oz
4019Chambord Daiquiri69 cal/oz
4020Leapfrog69 cal/oz
4021Leaning Tower69 cal/oz
4022Bloody Chicken69 cal/oz
4023Crowbar69 cal/oz
4024The End Of The World69 cal/oz
4025Fourth of July69 cal/oz
4026Killarney69 cal/oz
4027Tropical Cocktail69 cal/oz
4028Moulin Rouge Cocktail69 cal/oz
4029Southern Dream69 cal/oz
4030Sex in the Desert69 cal/oz
4031Green Vodka69 cal/oz
4032Jamaican Me Crazy69 cal/oz
4033Amaretto Sombrero69 cal/oz
4034Why Not?69 cal/oz
4035Mint Russki69 cal/oz
4036Wobbly Knee69 cal/oz
4037Florida Rum Runner69 cal/oz
4038Ballet Russe Cocktail69 cal/oz
4039Kretchma69 cal/oz
4040Suntory Cocktail69 cal/oz
4041Count Stroganoff69 cal/oz
4042Cherry Bomb #369 cal/oz
4043Chinese Cocktail #269 cal/oz
4044Tempo Setter69 cal/oz
4045Barking Spider69 cal/oz
4046Brush Fire69 cal/oz
4047Scotch Mist69 cal/oz
4048Shot of Respect69 cal/oz
4049Silver Bullet #269 cal/oz
4050Snakebite69 cal/oz
4051South Bank69 cal/oz
4052Tequila Surprise Shooter69 cal/oz
4053Thorny Mexican69 cal/oz
4054Canadian Hunter69 cal/oz
4055Eat Hot Death69 cal/oz
4056Fire in Heaven69 cal/oz
4057Funky Chicken69 cal/oz
4058Gorilla Fart #569 cal/oz
4059Gravedigger69 cal/oz
4060Green Monster69 cal/oz
4061Gone Tomorrow69 cal/oz
4062Horny Bull69 cal/oz
4063Hot Lunch69 cal/oz
4064Kokopa69 cal/oz
4065Legspreader69 cal/oz
4066Loch Lomond69 cal/oz
4067Waikiki Beachcomber69 cal/oz
4068Prairie Fire69 cal/oz
4069Manchurian Candidate69 cal/oz
4070Mexican Mountie69 cal/oz
4071Mortini69 cal/oz
4072Naked Yellow Bird69 cal/oz
4073Pick Me Up Jose69 cal/oz
4074Pineberry69 cal/oz
4075Rocket Fuel #369 cal/oz
4076Rocket Fuel69 cal/oz
4077Dakota69 cal/oz
4078Bin Laden69 cal/oz
4079Bird Feeder69 cal/oz
4080Blast Furnace69 cal/oz
4081Hobble Gobble69 cal/oz
4082Pink Cement69 cal/oz
4083Snow Shoe69 cal/oz
4084Gale At Sea69 cal/oz
4085Morning Glory Cocktail69 cal/oz
4086Greathead69 cal/oz
4087Chunnel Cocktail69 cal/oz
4088Birth Control69 cal/oz
4089Burnt Martini69 cal/oz
4090Cold Comfort Martini69 cal/oz
4091Fruity Toad69 cal/oz
4092Here Today69 cal/oz
4093William Wallace69 cal/oz
409425269 cal/oz
4095Smile Cocktail69 cal/oz
4096Rum Runner #269 cal/oz
4097Blueberry Martini69 cal/oz
4098Cubano69 cal/oz
4099Third Rail Cocktail69 cal/oz
4100Tipperary Cocktail69 cal/oz

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