High Calorie Cocktails

Mixed drinks with the most calories - numbers 2001 to 2100

2001Negroni Cocktail63 cal/oz
2002Nikki Delight63 cal/oz
2003Touch of Zam63 cal/oz
2004Major Tom63 cal/oz
2005Coffee Stick63 cal/oz
2006Aurum Cocktail63 cal/oz
2007Pall Mall Cocktail63 cal/oz
2008Last Goodbye63 cal/oz
2009Bill Leaves Town63 cal/oz
2010Jacqueline Cocktail63 cal/oz
2011Texas Sling63 cal/oz
2012Cloudberry Cocktail63 cal/oz
2013Hard Icey Nipple63 cal/oz
2014Delhis Devils63 cal/oz
2015Mutiny63 cal/oz
2016Manhattan Perfect63 cal/oz
2017Caribbean63 cal/oz
2018Spicy Martini63 cal/oz
2019Eager Beaver63 cal/oz
2020Boomer63 cal/oz
2021Hummer63 cal/oz
2022Ironlung63 cal/oz
2023Once Upon A Time63 cal/oz
2024East West Cocktail63 cal/oz
2025Hep Cat63 cal/oz
2026Piper At The Gates Of Dawn63 cal/oz
2027Manhattan Bella63 cal/oz
2028Cherry Cheese Cake63 cal/oz
2029Triplet Cocktail63 cal/oz
2030Silent Broadsider63 cal/oz
2031Tartantula63 cal/oz
2032Fuzzy Monkey63 cal/oz
2033What The Hell63 cal/oz
2034Bacardi Martini63 cal/oz
2035Pucker Sucker63 cal/oz
2036Quentin63 cal/oz
2037Frozen Martini63 cal/oz
2038Pirate Float63 cal/oz
2039Seventh Heaven Cocktail63 cal/oz
2040Old Pal Cocktail63 cal/oz
2041Hot Pants63 cal/oz
2042Island Delight63 cal/oz
2043Dry Martini63 cal/oz
2044Sex On My Face63 cal/oz
2045Mexican Bliss63 cal/oz
2046Perfect Cocktail63 cal/oz
2047Brittany Cocktail63 cal/oz
2048White Lady 191062 cal/oz
2049Strain the Rein62 cal/oz
2050Lazy Daze62 cal/oz
2051Cock A Bendy62 cal/oz
2052Saratoga Cocktail62 cal/oz
2053Opera Cocktail62 cal/oz
2054Absinthe Martini62 cal/oz
2055Emerald City62 cal/oz
2056Emerald Martini62 cal/oz
2057Emerald Vodka Martini62 cal/oz
2058Bitter Bison62 cal/oz
2059Cherry Blossom62 cal/oz
2060Vampire62 cal/oz
206173 Bus62 cal/oz
2062Horse And Jockey62 cal/oz
2063Buffalo Sweat #6962 cal/oz
2064Southern Comfort Manhattan62 cal/oz
2065Delicious Martini62 cal/oz
2066Basin Street62 cal/oz
2067Cosmoquila62 cal/oz
2068Cosmotequila62 cal/oz
2069Red Frog62 cal/oz
2070Martini Navratilova62 cal/oz
2071Lasky Cocktail62 cal/oz
2072Belmont62 cal/oz
2073Absolut Royal Fuck62 cal/oz
2074Blackberry Smoothie62 cal/oz
2075Cardicas62 cal/oz
2076French Afternoon62 cal/oz
2077Pink Pitch62 cal/oz
2078Rum Sunday62 cal/oz
2079Frangelico Float62 cal/oz
2080Shannon on the Beach62 cal/oz
2081Sour Apple #262 cal/oz
2082Spring Feeling Cocktail62 cal/oz
2083XYZ Cocktail62 cal/oz
2084Yellow Cake62 cal/oz
2085Unabomber62 cal/oz
2086Corkscrew62 cal/oz
2087Elephant Lips62 cal/oz
2088Grim Reaper62 cal/oz
2089Gumball Hummer62 cal/oz
2090Original Margarita62 cal/oz
2091Barbican62 cal/oz
2092Hot Afternoon62 cal/oz
2093Jay In Your Tummy62 cal/oz
2094Orange Crush62 cal/oz
2095Hot Egg Nogg62 cal/oz
2096Kama Sutra62 cal/oz
2097Havana Sidecar62 cal/oz
2098Yang Martini62 cal/oz
2099Piece of Heaven62 cal/oz
2100Washoe Peel62 cal/oz

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