High Calorie Cocktails

Mixed drinks with the most calories - numbers 1801 to 1900

1801Boom Shaka Laka66 cal/oz
1802Surfer on Ecstasy66 cal/oz
1803Belmont Stakes65 cal/oz
1804Cosmo Katie65 cal/oz
1805Heilig65 cal/oz
1806Old Country Martini65 cal/oz
1807Under Current65 cal/oz
1808Nuclear Waste #265 cal/oz
1809Creamy Grasshopper65 cal/oz
1810California Martini65 cal/oz
1811Jamaican Martini65 cal/oz
1812Hurricane Boston65 cal/oz
1813Three Legged Monkey65 cal/oz
1814Tropical Orgasm #365 cal/oz
1815The Dragon65 cal/oz
1816Pistachio Cream65 cal/oz
1817Mr. Manhattan Cocktail65 cal/oz
1818Egg Sour65 cal/oz
1819Sid Vicious65 cal/oz
1820French Horn65 cal/oz
1821Long Island Iced Tea65 cal/oz
1822Mist Cream65 cal/oz
1823Passion Margarita65 cal/oz
1824Chaise Lounge65 cal/oz
1825Banana Foster65 cal/oz
1826Screaming Multiple Climax65 cal/oz
1827Cucaracha #265 cal/oz
1828Dirty Mother65 cal/oz
1829Kool Aid (Boulder Style)65 cal/oz
1830Moon Quake Shake65 cal/oz
1831Penthouse65 cal/oz
1832Rootbeer Floatie65 cal/oz
1833Barnstormer65 cal/oz
1834Apple Brandy Cocktail65 cal/oz
1835Buddy Rich65 cal/oz
1836Canadian Apple65 cal/oz
1837Diki Diki65 cal/oz
1838Louisiana Lullaby65 cal/oz
1839Livingston65 cal/oz
1840Super O Martini Cocktail65 cal/oz
1841Mongolian Dingbat65 cal/oz
1842Morticia65 cal/oz
1843Lemon Flip65 cal/oz
1844Mach 665 cal/oz
1845PEZ65 cal/oz
1846Dubonnet Manhattan65 cal/oz
1847Applejack Manhattan65 cal/oz
1848Green Creeper65 cal/oz
1849Cloudberry Dream65 cal/oz
1850Strawberry Patch65 cal/oz
1851Italian Margarita65 cal/oz
1852Italian Margarita65 cal/oz
1853Mean Green Machine65 cal/oz
1854Black Blood65 cal/oz
1855Chilly Chocolate Mint65 cal/oz
1856Deep Sea Diver65 cal/oz
1857Canadian Blackberry65 cal/oz
1858Killer Kool Aid #265 cal/oz
1859Red Rattlesnake65 cal/oz
1860Cadillac Margarita65 cal/oz
1861Boomerang65 cal/oz
1862Sexy Lemon Slam65 cal/oz
1863Pink Creole65 cal/oz
1864Macarena Mist65 cal/oz
1865Fruity Smash65 cal/oz
1866Gator Wizz65 cal/oz
1867Bruised Heart65 cal/oz
1868Tempter Cocktail65 cal/oz
1869French Whore65 cal/oz
1870Rumka65 cal/oz
1871Deanne65 cal/oz
1872Dick in the Dirt64 cal/oz
1873Scooby Snack #264 cal/oz
1874Santiago64 cal/oz
1875Yolanda64 cal/oz
1876Jamaican Ten Speed64 cal/oz
1877Opening Cocktail64 cal/oz
1878Prairie Dog64 cal/oz
1879Cloister64 cal/oz
1880Mississippi Mud64 cal/oz
1881Bourble64 cal/oz
1882City Slicker64 cal/oz
1883Deep Dark Secret64 cal/oz
1884Red Snapper64 cal/oz
1885Little Devil64 cal/oz
1886Dry Rob Roy64 cal/oz
1887Fino Martini64 cal/oz
1888Izayoi64 cal/oz
1889Rum Martini64 cal/oz
1890Tequila Martini64 cal/oz
1891Irish Martini64 cal/oz
1892Katinka64 cal/oz
1893Frozen Fuzzy64 cal/oz
1894Pineapple Bomber64 cal/oz
1895Dirty Banana64 cal/oz
1896High Road64 cal/oz
1897Blavod Martini64 cal/oz
1898Bubble Gum64 cal/oz
1899The Sheedy64 cal/oz
1900Smurf on the Rag64 cal/oz

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