Cocktail Calories - Will this cocktail make me fat?

Find out how fattening (or not) your favourite mixed drink is

Discover the caloric content of your favourite cocktails. Search on the name of a cocktail or browse through our lists of mixed drinks by calories, fat, carbohydrates, or cholesterol content.

Is this drink fattening?
After a few of them, will I care?

The answers (well, except for the last bit) are all here.

Cheers, enjoy!

Cocktails with the most calories:

Melon Daiquiri217 cal/oz
Georgia Pie180 cal/oz
Batida Abaci176 cal/oz
Batida de Pina168 cal/oz
Caitian Tongue Tickler168 cal/oz
Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri168 cal/oz
Pineapple Buganda159 cal/oz
Pineapple Island142 cal/oz
Viscous Robert137 cal/oz
Harlem Cocktail134 cal/oz
Harry Alligator133 cal/oz
Teal Squeal133 cal/oz
Dolt Bolt131 cal/oz
Strawberry Bomb131 cal/oz
Kicking Cow129 cal/oz
Warsaw Waffle129 cal/oz
Pino Frio129 cal/oz
Nutty Colada128 cal/oz
Lava Shot126 cal/oz
Football126 cal/oz

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Cocktails with the fewest calories:

Virgin Bullshot2 cal/oz
Ice Coffee5 cal/oz
Virgin Mary5 cal/oz
Mickey Mouse5 cal/oz
Tomato Tang6 cal/oz
Tomato Cocktail6 cal/oz
Shot in the Pot6 cal/oz
Gunfire8 cal/oz
Texas T8 cal/oz
Tomboy9 cal/oz
Virgin Clamato Cocktail9 cal/oz
Lemon Cocktail9 cal/oz
Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker9 cal/oz
Redneck Prairie Fire9 cal/oz
Strawberry Kir Royale10 cal/oz
Ugly10 cal/oz
Snake Bite Black11 cal/oz
Snake Bite11 cal/oz
Snakebite And Black11 cal/oz
196811 cal/oz

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